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HDFC Bank Launches Watch Banking App for Apple Watch: Features & Working Process

HDFC has launched a new mobile banking app for the Apple watch as it aims at providing holistic banking service in all potential digital platforms. HDFC Bank is the first bank in India to launch mobile banking app namely, “Watch Banking” for wearables. As consumers are highly interested in wearable devices, this private sector has launched new app specifically for Apple Watch users initially and later it will be working on other devices. The bank’s Watch Banking initiative seems to vitrine its technological expertise and brands it one among the first three banks across the world to build an app for the Apple Watch. The new Watch Banking app facilitates the customers to activate it on any iPhone using HDFC’s mobile banking app without having separate installation process.

HDFC Bank has introduced new Watch Banking app exclusively for Apple Watch and aims to deliver potential digital banking services through various wearable devices across iOS and Android platforms. The bank has designed Watch Banking app that suits the features of Apple Watch. Customers of HDFC bank can access Watch Banking app directly through their bank account from any iPhone. This app is available on the iTunes App store for free that works in alliance with HDFC’s MobileBanking app. Customers of HDFC bank need not require to download separate app for using Watch Banking on their wearable devices. They can directly activate the app from an upgraded version of HDFC Bank’s Mobile Banking App itself. HDFC’s new wearable banking app enhances user convenience and provides best experience. As we all know banking is case sensitive so we recommend you to use the best smart watch. For this case you can check all the List of best smart watches released in 2019. List contains, Android, Apple, Samsung & many other brands smart watches.

Features of “Watch Banking” App

HDFC Bank has built in 10 major features into the Watch Banking app so as to provide easy banking transactions for its customers. Currently, it has launched 10 major features that are listed below:

1. View All Account Information

The major feature that is available for all the Apple Watch users is to view complete details of your HDFC bank account that includes the following information:

1. Savings Account
2. Current Account
3. Fixed Deposits
4. Demat
5. Mutual Funds
6. Credit Cards

In all the above listed features, customer can select any of them by which he/she can View the summary along with latest transactions in case of Savings, Current and Credit card account. For FD’s, MF’s and Demat, an overview of holdings will be displayed.

2. Recharge Mobile and DTH

  →Customer can select any of the option from Mobile and DTH Recharge.
  →2Mobile and DTH Recharge is allowed only for pre-registered numbers.
  →If you wish to recharge for any other new number, you need to use the Mobile Banking APP.

3. Request A/C Statement

  →Customer can request for viewing the Account statement similar to the process of Mobile Banking.
  →Pre-defined periods of Account statement will be generated that in turns delivers to the user’s registered e-mail id.
  →Watch Banking - Request Acnt Statement and Cheque Book

4. Request Cheque Book

  →You have to follow the similar process of Mobile Banking. You can select Cheque book option wherein you need to account credentials.
  →Then, your request will be processed and Cheque book will be delivered to the registered address.

5. Locate Nearest ATM

  →If you are in search for locating nearest ATM, you can directly switch on to Watch Banking app that displays Locate ATM option.
  →Enter your location and the ATM which is near to your place will be displayed on a Map.
  →HDFC Watch Banking app-Locate nearest ATM

6. Locate Nearest Branch

  →You can also locate nearest branch of HDFC bank by selecting Branch option from Locate Branch on your Apple Watch.
  →You can easily locate all the bank branches that are present in your location.

7. View Discount Offers

  →You can view Discount offers that are available in cafeteria that lists out few cafes along with the offer on particular billing amount.

8. Call the Bank

  →You can call selected branch bank in any location wherein you will be displayed both Toll-Free number and Non Toll-Free Number.

9. Hotlist Debit Card

  →In case of loss of your Debit card, you can conveniently hotlist it right from your watch, without visiting the bank.
  →Select the card and enter your Card Number. It then asks to select the reason for hotlisting.
  →You can select any one from the three reasons (Card Lost, Card Damaged, Card Not Received) and then submit your request.

10. View Messages From the Bank

  → You will get Bill pay Notifications as messages for your registered mobile number from the Bank.
  →By sending these alert notifications, you will be reminded about the due amount to be payed.

Expected Features of Watch Banking App

HDFC Bank has launched Watch Banking app for Apple Watch users with 10 major features as an initiative. It is still working on some other features to provide best user experience. There are few other features which are anticipated to hit the watch-banking app soon.

  → Pay bills of pre-added billers
  → Pay bills through active notifications
  → Get notified about offers based on your location

Potential Security Features & Working Process

HDFC Bank has come up with new Watch Banking app by providing high potential security features similar to the security of Mobile Banking App. Watch Banking App offers high security features for all its users of Apple Watch.

  → Any kind of information regarding the user will be sent from the mobile app (customer’s phone) to the bank’s secure servers.
  → Apple Watch is purely a projection device.
  → In order to maintain high security, user can set a customized Watch Banking PIN for accessing their account using the app.
  → User can set this PIN during the one time set-up process only after signing in successfully by entering their secret customer id and password.
  → Highly potential security feature that is made available on Apple Watch is that it has a pass-code lock similar to other iOS devices.
  → The user’s session will be deactivated automatically in case of inactivity beyond 5 minutes.


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